You May Have Some Questions...

Where is Sweetness Cakery?
Sweetness Cakery is a unique business which utilizes Maple Avenue Christian Church as its home base.  We are a fully-licensed food service operation, which operates out of health department-certified kitchen.  Because we are not currently a storefront business, all our products are fresh and made to order.  We love delivering our sweet treats, and are happy to do so with every order!  

How much do you charge for delivery?
We are always happy to arrange delivery for our orders, as it is a convenience for our customers.  Local delivery (in Macomb) is free, but we can also deliver to the surrounding area for a nominal mileage fee.

What are your business hours?
Because of our unique business model, we have flexible business hours, but our website is open 24/7!  We are also happy to meet for consultations, tastings, or order pickup by appointment.

Do you offer nut or allergen-free products?
While we do offer many products that do not contain nuts, we cannot offer products that are safe for those with great sensitivity to tree nuts, etc.  Our products are all made using equipment that comes in contact with tree nuts and nut products.

Do you support other local businesses?
Absolutely!  Many of our ingredients (especially seasonal fresh produce) used in our products are purchased locally.  We also like to help local organizations whenever we can, which actually leads to our next FAQ...

What local organizations do you support?
We are proud to be a supporter of local organizations in our community, such as the Humane Society of McDonough County.  We periodically run fundraiser specials to raise money for this worthy cause (watch for them on this site and on our facebook page!).  We also like to support school-related causes when we are able, and we love to spoil our local teachers with treats!   

How long is the shelf life of Sweetness products?
Generally, it's best to consume cakes, cupcakes or cookies within 3-4 days, but they can be frozen for up to 6 weeks to maintain freshness.

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