Sweetness Cakery is a fully-licensed custom cake and cupcake service located in Macomb, Illinois.  Offering unique flavors delivered right to your door has become our favorite thing to do, and we do it well!  What began as a side hustle, baking cakes and cupcakes for friends (and friends of friends, and their friends, too!) has become an exciting business that I am proud to own!
My story began in August 2010, when I began operating under the business name of "Hillo's Cakery."  I admit I hadn't had the lifelong dream of owning any kind of bake shop.  But I was a young, grieving widow and mother of two, who desperately needed a creative outlet to keep my mind focused on anything positive.  At the time, baking and decorating cakes kept me sane, and I thoroughly enjoyed making others happy through my work.  As time went on, word-of-mouth advertising got me more orders than I probably should've taken on, and I just couldn't say "no." Eventually, I suffered a period of "burnout" where the idea of staring at an undecorated cake was much more stressful than it was exciting.  To a cake artist, decorating a bare cake is like painting a fresh canvas--it should be inspiring and fun!  It just wasn't fun anymore... I knew I needed to walk away.  But I didn't walk too far before I realized just how much I missed my craft.  I missed my clients.  So, I came back to cake artistry with a new attitude and a new business name for my fresh start... and Sweetness Cakery was born.  With my new business name came a flood of new ideas, as well as new flavors and recipes that I was anxious to develop and perfect!  So I've worked (and continue to work) on many unique flavors and combinations that make for some fabulous gourmet goodies.  With the help of my husband, Brandon, I've been able to shift my focus, and we've built a convenient service, enabling us to deliver these treats right to your door!  It's a blessing and a privilege to serve the western Illinois region and beyond!  

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